Oliver Schneider ist Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der RiskWorkers GmbH

Elementary School Staff Enthusiastic about Workshop “Dealing with Problems and Conflicts”

Especially in the field of education, challenges and conflicts are the order of the day, between teachers, and with superiors, students and parents. The speakers from RiskWorkers, Oliver Schneider and Dr. Carsten Hessen, quickly became aware of this during the one-day workshop “Dealing with Problems and Conflicts” at an elementary school. In the workshop, they worked with the teaching staff on the appropriate way to deal with challenges, problems, and stressful situations in order to jointly resolve conflicts and crises. RiskWorkers are usually deployed in the industrial environment of corporations, medium-sized companies and associations. Oliver Schneider, Managing Partner of RiskWorkers, was all the more pleased with the all-round success of the one-day workshop: “Everyone worked actively and with motivation on suitable solutions, and also implemented them enthusiastically in roleplays. In particular, the overwhelming feedback with more than 25 grateful voices from this training group confirms our concept, content and implementation.” 

“I would like to attend only training courses like this!”

A small excerpt from the enthusiastic and grateful feedback:

“This was by far the best in-service training I have ever attended.”

“This was the first time these two have conducted this in an elementary school? Unbelievable!”

“We should not only come up with 10 golden rules for conversations but also for good teaching.”

“We should work much more as a team.”

“I’ve never taken away so much from a professional development session as I did today.”

“I can’t imagine this in-service training ever being topped.”

“The day showed me I am not as helpless as I had believed.”

“I went into the parent meeting today already completely different …. That was really good!”

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