Workshop: Dealing with Problems and Conflicts

When people work together, different personalities and experiences collide. Friction inevitably arises. Particularly in everyday working life, sometimes conflicting interests confront each other and struggle to reach a consensus: employees with managers, sales managers with customers, teachers with parents, etc. How does everyone realize their full ability to act in order to master conflicts and resolve crises? In the workshop, we work out and practice together how to deal with challenges, problems and stressful situations.

Action Competence for Conflicts and Crises

Challenges and conflicts arise in all areas of an organization, no matter its type or size: corporations, medium-sized companies, institutions, industry associations, interest groups, science and educational institutions from universities to elementary schools. With our background in special forces, psychology and crisis management, we are not classic personality coaches. Although it may seem unusual at first glance, it is precisely this diversity of expertise and experience that you will benefit from. We complement our different competencies and perspectives to encourage participants to think in new directions. In the workshop, we don't impose a patent remedy right off the bat. Instead, we change perspectives and work as a team to develop the best individual solution.

Face-to-face Training

In the one-day workshop, we work together to find the solution to master the challenges and problems in the long term and to establish new approaches:

  • Introduction to conflict management
  • Taking stock of the challenges and areas of conflict
  • Structuring the problems and previous problem-solving approaches
  • Possible problem-solving and crisis management processes
  • Stress management and resilience
  • Reflection
  • Transfer to everyday business life with practical training of conflict resolution strategies

Since problem and conflict resolution affect everyone, we address your situation individually. You may choose whether we conduct the seminar as an in-house training session or as a training session at any location. Usually, the seminars take place from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but we are flexible in this regard as well.