Background and Candidate Checks

Routine background and applicant checks before hiring new employees protect your company from incalculable risks. Their key personnel diagnostic findings let you identify the mindset of your applicants, promote positive motivation and prevent negligent hiring of unsuitable employees. On the other hand, careful investigations into white-collar crime or breaches of compliance guidelines help you to counter the dangers to corporate value and good reputation.

Diligence in the Selection of Applicants

Employees are an important factor in determining the success or failure of a company. In times of intensifying global competition, careful selection is of central importance for economic success. As competition increases, so do the demands placed on personnel. Professionally competent, motivated in their work and with moral integrity - these are the qualifications sought in future employees. Detailed social analyses provide much needed insights to ensure their suitability.

In view of the negative developments in the global, European, and German security situation, companies and their HR managers must ask themselves the fundamental question of whether everything is being done in the course of recruitment procedures and ongoing employment relationships to avert damage to employees, corporate values and corporate reputation. This applies not only to the defense against the threat of terrorism, but also against the background of espionage, fraud and other white-collar crime.

RiskWorkers' applicant checks protect your company from black sheep so that the workforce reaches its optimal productivity. The pre-employment checks uncover unsuitable applicants so that they do not find their way into your company in the first place. At the same time, they reveal the motivational potential that, if skillfully exploited, will enable you to achieve the best performance from your employees.

So what needs to be done? What basic questions need to be answered?

  • What does the review process look like today? What can be optimized?
  • Is the submission of a police clearance certificate sufficient to see if the candidate is really 'clean'?
  • Does the professional background correspond to the truth?
  • Do the school and work certificates and degrees submitted correspond to the facts?
  • Can former colleagues confirm the accuracy of the information?

Playing Safe with Employees

Routinemäßig durchgeführte Background-Checks von Bewerbern bewahren Ihr Unternehmen im Ernstfall vor signifikanten Schäden, die aus wirtschaftskriminellen Routinely conducted background checks on applicants protect your company from significant damage resulting from white-collar crime or violations of compliance guidelines in the event of an emergency. Careful and timely checks uncover potential threats and can reduce the risk of financial harm to your company. Evaluate the mindset of applicants using key personnel diagnostic findings, which you can use to motivate or weed out unsuitable applicants if necessary. Success or failure - it's not uncommon for employee motivation to determine which path a company takes. For entrepreneurs who want to achieve economic success under the intensifying conditions of global competition, the selection of motivated and trustworthy employees is of central importance. It is usually easy for good supervisors to ask about technical competencies. To weigh up the social competence that goes beyond this, we provide the necessary insights from in-depth background checks.