Information Security with Darknet Intelligence

With Darknet Intelligence, we combat the dangers posed to your company by the distribution of data on the darknet. File sharing is no longer exclusively a private activity for distributing movies or music. Criminals use one of the more than 3,000 services to obtain confidential information about you as well as customers and business partners. The result is cyber extortion and often ransom demand. To counter these threats from the darknet/deep web, we work closely with you to improve IT risk management and strengthen on-site information security.

Exposing Opaque Networks

The darknet has long outgrown its infancy. Movies, music and other copyrighted works are still available for download there, but criminals in the industrial and corporate sectors have also discovered the possibilities of file sharing on the darknet and deep web. Important data appears on the darknet with increasing frequency, including confidential customer data, sensitive financial information and similar documents from entrepreneurs, consumers and also members of government.

With Darknet Intelligence, we have developed a system to make that data visible and thus do damage control within companies - and that is necessary, as a look at the facts shows:

  • 3,000 different platforms offer file sharing services and related data every day.
  • Nearly 70 percent of global traffic comes from peer-to-peer file sharing and illegal trading of data.
  • Billions of searches per day are recorded by all services combined, dwarfing even popular search engines.

Darknet Intelligence Protects Your Business from Cyber Threats

Based on these immense numbers alone, it is likely that your data will also find its way onto the Internet sooner or later. What makes this difficult is the structure of the decentralized networks: the data is not hidden behind freely accessible URLs in the World Wide Web, but in opaque networks. A search via classic search engines is therefore not possible. Nevertheless, we make searching the deep web possible with our technology and thereby improve information security in your company.

Our technology is based on forensic methods to detect information of any kind. We thus provide our customers with both monitoring and the necessary tools to disclose data and take action against its dissemination. This makes us an important part of maintaining your company's information security. P2P networks, file sharing and TOR are still a serious threat to companies of all sizes many years after their emergence - which makes protection by a strong partner like us all the more important for you.