Partner Network for Your Comprehensive Security

For your best possible protection, we cooperate with various companies and organizations. Together with our partners we provide support with our fast and optimized solutions and services - anywhere in the world and 24 hours a day.

Our Partners

wtw - strategy for solutions

Today's risks require well thought-out, disruptive solutions and services. We firmly believe that our customers should not settle for a “one size fits all” approach. That's why our strategy is built on solutions that are tailored to your needs, with products and services that address your industry-specific risks.


GardaWorld is the world's largest private security services company, offering a wide range of highly focused business solutions, including state-of-the-art security services and cash solutions. In over two decades, its work has taken it from its home base in Montreal, Canada, to the oil fields of Iraq and embassies throughout Africa. Clients include Fortune 500 companies and governments, with employees and assets deployed around the world. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, its 62,000 highly trained, dedicated professionals serve clients in North America, Africa and the Middle East. RiskWorkers GmbH provides support in the Central European region as a key account management and partner company, thus offering clients short distances and a direct point of contact. At the same time, RiskWorkers GmbH acts with individual consultants as Kidnap for Ransom Consultants in the Garda Crisis Response area.

Europ Assistance

Europ Assistance Versicherungs-AG is an internationally active company of Generali and offers travel insurance products of excellent quality. Europ Assistance regularly receives top ratings from Product Test Foundation, Eco-Test and Travel & Prices. In addition to worldwide travel insurance as annual or one-time coverage, Europ Assistance stands for insurance and assistance products for warranty & mobility, health, house & home, life & lifestyle as well as telematics.

Hansekuranz Kontor

Hansekuranz Kontor is an underwriter in the areas of kidnap & ransom, hijacking, piracy, general average, crisis protection, cyber extortion, international security, and threats.

ROLAND Assistance

ROLAND Assistance stands for worldwide service, 24 hours a day. The individual assistance solutions offer business-to-business customers in particular an optimization of their customer service. In everyday emergencies or extraordinary crises, ROLAND offers to take over business processes for the automotive and insurance industries: mobility services, claims management and customer service.


The SCHUNCK GROUP has been a family-owned industrial insurance broker for the logistics industry and special sectors for about 100 years. The principle of the international insurance broker is the neutral consultation in the interest and for the benefit of the customers. SCHUNCK works exclusively with national and international leading insurance companies in reliable partnerships and does not promise services they cannot deliver. The claim of the SCHUNCK GROUP is to develop intelligent solutions for their customers. The results are innovative products and services that set standards in the industry.

Alliance for Cyber Security

The Alliance for Cyber Security is an initiative of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), which was founded in cooperation with the German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM). As an association of all important players in the field of cyber security in Germany, the alliance aims to provide up-to-date and valid information across the board. To this end, the Alliance for Cyber Security is building up an extensive knowledge base and supporting the exchange of information and experience between participants. The Alliance currently has more than 859 participating institutions, of which 83 are partners and 32 are multipliers.