Training and E-learning for Your Safety

In security training courses, employees learn and practice how to put theoretical knowledge into practice. In IT security training, we demonstrate what attacks on business data look like. The training on security for business travelers raises awareness of the dangers to be expected in crisis regions and how to provide first aid in remote areas. RiskWorkers employee training courses take place as classroom, in-house or online training.

Our e-learning offerings focus on training in the areas of security and safety. Topics range from crisis management seminars, protection against cyber extortion, dangers of the crypto world, negotiating ransom demands, security in crisis regions to de-escalation training in the event of workplace violence.

Security Training: Online, Classroom and In-house

Icon Experience Agile Leadership Outdoors

Experience Agile Leadership Outdoors

Systematically develop your leadership culture with outdoor experiences and emotional anchoring. In 2 days you will learn, using a real business case, to turn your decision-making will and your stress resistance into your strengths.
(face-to-face training)

Icon Problem and Conflict Resolution

Problem and Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are the order of the day in business. As a team, we work out and practice the appropriate way to deal with challenges, problems and stressful situations. Afterwards, you will be able to master your conflicts and resolve crises with full capacity to act.
(face-to-face training)

Icon Travel Security

Travel Security

A business trip abroad requires a lot of planning and knowledge about the regulations, political situation and culture of the destination. This course will help you set off well informed and prepared for any eventuality.

Icon Expats and Business Travelers

Expats and Business Travelers

With this training, you increase safety for business travelers and expats and fulfill your legal duty of care. Our strong interdisciplinary team of specialists provides optimal preparation for potential hazards at the destination.
(e-learning and face-to-face training)

Icon Crisis Management in Companies

Crisis Management in Companies

In addition to responding confidently in the event of an acute crisis, emergency and crisis management primarily involves crisis prevention and monitoring in order to identify potential crises at an early stage and prepare for them.
(e-learning and face-to-face training)

Icon Social Engineering Awareness

Social Engineering Awareness

No security system is so sophisticated that it cannot be circumvented by psychological tricks. In this training, you will learn social engineering protection to resist attacks on your data or money.
(e-learning and face-to-face training)

Icon First Aid in Remote Regions

First Aid in Remote Regions

In this training, you will learn and practice measures for prehospital care when conventional rescue structures are inaccessible. The skills of first responders and their ability to improvise can make the difference between life and death.
(face-to-face training)

Icon Leadership Seminar

Leadership Seminar

The special challenge for leadership is to decide under uncertainty. We show you how to apply the knowledge of special forces in your own work so that you can make decisions quickly and purposefully.
(e-learning and face-to-face training)

Icon Dealing with Covid-19

Dealing with Covid-19

The pandemic case has occurred. In the course, we clarify the most important questions about the Coronavirus: How do you protect your employees from infection and contain the spread? How do you inform your workforce correctly and in a targeted manner?

Icon Working in the Pandemic

Working in the Pandemic

The course supports safe work in the company based on the nationwide uniform and binding SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety standard. Minimize the risk of infections with the new standards.

Icon Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence

Employees encounter workplace violence more often than they realize. A dissatisfied customer or employees with personal problems can become a threat. We provide information and training on de-escalation.
(e-learning and face-to-face training)

Icon Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber attacks and phishing emails are among the greatest risks for companies. In this training, your technical staff learns how to deal with hacker attacks, spyware, ransomware and logic bombs and how to avert damage.
(e-learning and face-to-face training)

Icon Predictive Profiling

Predictive Profiling

The goal is to detect crimes before they happen. With predictive profiling, specialists analyze the behavior of suspicious persons. In this course, you will learn the cornerstones of predictive profiling and how to apply them in your work.

Icon Behavior During Hijackings

Behavior During Hijackings

The travel security training includes perception training and teaches safe behavior in extreme situations such as kidnappings with ransom demand. We provide information on victimology, i.e. the victimization process and the perpetrator-victim relationship.