Emergency and Crisis Management in Companies

No company is safe from crises, be it extortion, cyber attacks, or threats from the crypto world. For this reason, forward-looking corporate security always dovetails with professional crisis management. In addition to reacting confidently in the event of an acute crisis, this includes, above all, crisis prevention and continuous monitoring in order to recognize potential crises at an early stage and to prepare for them. In the training, you will learn how to increase your company's resistance to crises, what to do in an emergency and how typical crises can ideally be prevented.

Confidently through any Crisis

This is how you benefit from the training:
  • Companies learn how to create a safe workplace
  • Practical behavioral tips for employees and managers in emergencies and crises
  • Preventive measures strengthen self-confidence in precarious situations
  • Legal advice on how to communicate confidently in an emergency
  • Solid knowledge on how to organize help
  • Clear information on psychological intervention in exceptional emotional situations

Course Modules

  • Understanding: Introduction to crisis management
  • Structure: Rules, laws, and processes
  • Organize: Emergency organization and crisis team
  • Securing: Clearing and evacuating
  • Support: Mental health emergencies and debriefing (CISD).
  • Defuse: De-escalation measures
  • Communicating: Crisis communication and dealing with the press
  • Establish: Responsibilities within the company


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