Covid-19: The Pandemic Case Has Occurred

Your company stands or falls on the well-being of your employees. In the midst of the spread of the coronavirus, this has become particularly clear. In this e-learning course, we clarify the most important questions about the virus. You will learn how to protect your employees from infection and contain the spread. We explain how to effectively inform your staff about all necessary precautionary measures and guidelines in your company - and thus possibly save lives. In addition to the course, you'll receive comprehensive materials with all the important facts.

Learn How to Deal with the Virus

Course Content

  • Background information on the spread of the coronavirus
  • Personal measures to prevent infection
  • Concrete recommendations for action in the event of suspected illness
  • Handling of confirmed cases of illness in the company
  • Correct handling of visitors and external people
  • Procedures for business travelers in risk areas
  • Maintaining economic activities in the company


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