Violence at the Workplace

Anyone who is insulted, threatened or physically assaulted in the workplace is a victim of violence. This can come from colleagues and superiors, or from third parties such as guests, clients or customers. We show you how to recognize different forms of violence and their victims. With our training, you will learn to intervene in a de-escalating and mediating manner and to provide the victims with the help they need for their situation. This allows you to protect your employees as well as the reputation and working atmosphere of your company.

Physical and Psychological Violence on the Job

A threat in the workplace often starts with a verbal attack, uttered by people in emotional stress. Insults are often followed by threats, threats are followed by yelling, and yelling can be followed by physical aggression. Usually, the disturbers of the peace feel powerless and cornered themselves. They compensate for their perceived powerlessness with aggression. They try to regain control of a seemingly hopeless situation by shouting, rioting or using physical violence. After training with our team of experts, your employees can use composure and special techniques to de-escalate in such moments before the situation gets out of control.

Impact on Employees

Employees who frequently face aggressive hostility, open threats or the exercise of physical force are under constant stress. The threat at work is psychologically stressful for them and contributes to permanent insecurity. As a result, the quality of their work suffers and they develop symptoms that can lead to chronic anxiety disorders. Many victims see no chance of recovery and give up their jobs to escape the untenable situation.

Training to Deal with Violence

The training against violence and threats in the workplace gives your employees appropriate tools to deal with aggression they may encounter in their daily work life. For this purpose, our team designs the training flexibly in order to individually address your specific line of work. Employees in public administration, banks, railroads or airports, as well as members of emergency services and sports clubs (especially referees) - they all benefit from the methods we teach to protect them from the effects of workplace violence.

Face-to-face Training

In the one-day training, up to twelve participants learn from experienced psychologists and behavioral trainers how to assess dangerous situations at an early stage. In practical exercises, we demonstrate what they can do to protect themselves in an emergency and how they can defuse threatening situations through effective and de-escalating communication. At the end, participants go home with concrete instructions for action that strengthen their knowledge and self-confidence to avert future dangerous situations.


Are you interested in the online course? We will be happy to provide you with trial access. You can watch the learning video at your convenience and decide whether it is suitable for you and your employees. No obligation.