Crisis Prevention

Emergencies on the scale of a crisis occur both at home, abroad and in the cyber world. They present employees and company management with enormous stress tests. If a company is threatened by kidnapping, piracy, (cyber) extortion, ransom demands, threats to employees or illegal imprisonment, even managers accustomed to stress do not always keep a cool head. This is where RiskWorkers experts can help with preventive measures for crisis management.

Preparing for an Emergency

Comprehensive crisis management consulting is the first building block in the structure of crisis prevention and crisis response that establishes your company's ability to act in emergency situations at home and abroad. Company-specific crisis management prepares you and your employees for worst-case scenarios that, if not prepared for, could threaten your existence. A team of specialists in fraud, terrorism, pandemic, extortion and extremism draws up crisis management manuals for conceivable scenarios, helps set up a crisis organization and holds crisis team and emergency drills. This ensures that your company is optimally prepared should an emergency occur unexpectedly.

Crisis Prevention and Setting up Crisis Management Structures

RiskWorkers starts building crisis management structures by analyzing and revising existing structures and manuals. In consultation with management, we then explain the measures necessary for effective crisis management. As a next step, we set up a company-specific crisis prevention plan with the aim of establishing and defining the crisis organization. Those responsible are given access to our international crisis response team, and employees are prepared for possible emergencies with crisis team and emergency drills, including ransom negotiations.

The final step concerns crisis response in the event of an emergency. From advice and support on how to deal with the emergency situation from our crisis response team, to the care of employees by specially trained psychologists after traumatic events, to the restoration of regular operations, RiskWorkers remains at your side to provide support.

Crisis Management Consulting

  • Revision and creation of crisis management manuals
  • Establishment of the crisis organization
  • Support and advice on crisis management
  • Psychological support for employees
  • Crisis response to emergencies at home and abroad
  • Access to the international crisis response team
  • Implementation of a crisis team and emergency exercises