Crisis Management

Effective crisis management enables companies to overcome the proverbial "moment of shock" in emergency situations. You learn to react prudently and take effective steps to manage the crisis. To ensure responsiveness, you may draw on RiskWorker's broad catalog of services for crisis prevention and crisis response. Comprehensive crisis management consulting is the first building block in the fabric of crisis prevention and crisis response that establishes your company's ability to act in emergency situations at home and abroad. A company-specific crisis management system with a crisis management manual and checklist prepares you for scenarios which, if not prepared for, could threaten your existence.

Mastering Emergencies with Preparation

Crisis Prevention

RiskWorkers starts building crisis management structures by analyzing and revising existing structures and manuals. In consultation with management, we then explain the measures necessary for effective crisis management. As a next step, RiskWorkers establishes a company-specific crisis prevention plan, which aims to set up and define the crisis organization. Those responsible are given access to our international crisis response team, and we prepare employees for possible emergencies in crisis team and emergency exercises.

Crisis Response

With Crisis Response, we respond immediately to cases of kidnapping, extortion, fraud or threats to corporate assets. In the event of an emergency, draw on RiskWorkers' many years of experience. Dealing professionally with crisis situations all over the world, we have already been able to protect lives, as well as the reputations and assets of companies in numerous cases. RiskWorkers has been able to build up its vast knowledge in tens of cases, perfecting its approach in the process.
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