Physical and Cyber Security with Protective Intelligence

Through Protective Intelligence, we operate a reliable system for early risk detection. We use technology and our analysts to search the World Wide Web, social networks and similar media. This risk monitoring enables us, in a private context, to quickly and accurately determine whether individuals or their families are exposed to security-specific hazards and thus risks. Potential threats such as threats, cyber extortion, ransomware, or even financial fraud with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies can be prevented and averted effectively. As a result, Protective Intelligence helps us to act quickly and, if necessary, to initiate classic security measures. If you want to bring personal security into the 21st century, you cannot do without our Protective Intelligence service.

Targeted Screening of Web and Social Media Content

We always compare Protective Intelligence to a radar that works around you. Your protection in the digital world without you being able to smell, taste or touch it. This type of early risk detection creates a situational awareness of the virtual footprint of the protected person. Target groups here include board members, CEOs, VIPs, athletes, politicians and similar groups of people. All risk monitoring findings are incorporated into comprehensive reports. In addition, an identification of social media influencers and a psychological threat management can be carried out. As a result, you receive a detailed report with risk weighting and action plan.