The ZONE - Agile Leadership Outdoors Experience

Unique and brand new: Our leadership training for the systematic development of a leadership culture was developed by special forces for business professionals. With the tools taught, you can turn your decision-making will and stress resistance into your strengths.

Leadership Training Using Real Business Scenario

The unique seminar setting in the Bavarian Alps, with spectacular outdoor experiences, guarantees a high emotional anchoring of the contents. Our trainers, who themselves have many years of experience in special forces, impart their knowledge in an application-oriented and comprehensible manner. The practical implementation takes place using a specially developed real business case, which has to be solved in two days. The immediate applicability of the learned skills in your own company is the guaranteed goal of our seminar, which is unique in Germany.

Face-to-face Training

The training takes place over two seminar days, indoor and outdoor at an exclusive seminar location in the Bavarian Alps:

  • ZONE 1 Gathering Information: This first phase forms the important basis of the process.
  • ZONE 2 Assessment of the Situation: The goal of the second phase is to convert the best option into a plan.
  • ZONE 3 Decision: Based on the decision, the plan is communicated through an action statement and then implemented through activities.
  • ZONE 4 Control: The final phase is characterized by the gathering of information about the ongoing actions and their control.

After the seminar, you (and your team) will be able to apply the leadership process in any situation, make consistent decisions and implement them in a structured way. You will have gained valuable experience and know the values, attitudes, and principles to lead successfully.