Predictive Profiling

If a person in a store is constantly looking around and nervously roaming the shelves, he or she is making themselves suspicious. In predictive profiling, specialists analyze the behavior of suspicious individuals. Their psychological knowledge helps them put a stop to criminals before they can strike. In this course, you will learn the cornerstones of predictive profiling and how to apply them in your daily work.

Detect Crimes Before They Happen

Here's how you'll benefit from the course:
  • Accessible introduction to predictive profiling
  • Clear examples to recognize criminals by their behavior
  • Clear insights into the psyche of thieves and terrorists
  • Solid knowledge on how to deal with suspicious objects
  • Reliable tips on how to prevent crime through psychology

Course Modules

  • Basic knowledge: What is predictive profiling?
  • Prevention: Reactive versus preventive crime prevention
  • Suspicion: What makes someone or something suspicious?
  • Behavior: Catching criminals in the planning phase
  • Retail: Typical behavior of shoplifters
  • Terrorism: Seeing through the behavior of assassins
  • Objects: Dealing with suspicious objects
  • People skills: Reasons for reasonable suspicion


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