On Behalf of Our Customers for Security

Most of the time, we are incognito on behalf of our customers, be it for security and crisis management at home or abroad, for mastering a crisis, for personal protection or for cyber security in the digital space. Therefore, the following experience reports and references are only a small part of our wide range of services.

References for Successful Projects

Project Security in Plant Construction for MAN

In the fall of 2020, we supported a large-scale plant construction project for MAN Energy Solutions in Burkina Faso with a Project Security Manager. We are pleased to have been recommended by MAN for our professional security consulting services in high-risk countries.
  • Auditing of security on site as well as in the surrounding area with hospitals and accommodations
  • Arrangements with authorities and embassies
  • Armed personal protection and trained security drivers
  • Local security center with Quick Reaction Force
  • Preparedness of evacuation case, local hotline 24/7

Protective Intelligence Partnership with Berenberg Bank

Hamburg-based Berenberg Bank relies on RiskWorkers' Protective Intelligence services for its clients. We are pleased to offer this service, which is unique in Germany, as a network partner of Berenberg Bank. Cybercrime with cyber extortion and ransomware is not limited to politicians and celebrities. Entrepreneurs and wealthy families are also caught in the crosshairs. Protective Intelligence is the innovative security measure for modern personal protection in the 21st century. With it, we minimize risks and provide real-world and digital security.

Oliver Schneider: The Will Decides

Based on some of his most spectacular missions, Oliver Schneider shows in his book how everyone can develop their willpower and mental strength and deal professionally with crises, optimizing decision-making ability, clarity and success. Crises are part of life: No one knows this as well as Oliver Schneider. He has been working as a risk expert for over 20 years - first at KSK, and later in his own company specializing in crisis management. For the first time, he shares his insider knowledge in this book and gives us insights into real-life scenarios that we otherwise only know from crime novels or thrillers. The methods and tactics used by special forces can also be applied in our daily lives. The author reveals effective tips and tricks and shows how we can analyze and learn to read our interlocutor in negotiation situations. Published by Ariston by Penguin Random House.

Bauer Group Relies on "Safety abroad" Training

During the safety training of RiskWorkers GmbH, the employees of the BAUER Group learned how to get out of dicey situations in one piece - or how to avoid getting into them in the first place. The aim of the seminar is to train an eye for imminent dangers and to develop strategies for emergencies. "Grey mice live longer" is Oliver Schneider's motto. This includes, for example, observing one's surroundings before getting into the car.