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RiskWorkers GmbH is now conducting selected training courses on digital security in the company and protection when traveling abroad as part of the seminar offering of the Haus der Technik (hdt) further education institute. “We are pleased that we can now reach even more people with our trainings for social engineering and security abroad and equip them with essential knowledge and valuable skills for their protection,” explains Oliver Schneider.

RiskWorkers GmbH’s “Security Service Management Package”, developed exclusively for Aon Germany, now provides additional protection for business travelers and expats and offers unique added value for Aon’s customers. A specially adapted service package puts the companies’ duty of care towards their traveling employees and expats in the focus and generates multiple added values for Aon’s customers.

As digitization advances, the strategies of criminals targeting supposedly solvent companies are also becoming increasingly complex. Hybrid approaches by attackers are presenting more and more companies with major challenges. The worsening situation is particularly noticeable in the increased number of attacks on companies. Blackmail, e.g. product extortion in the food industry, is no longer carried […]

RiskWorkers GmbH, a risk and security management company based in Munich, and GardaWorld, the world’s largest private global security services company, will enter into an exclusive, close partnership effective immediately. In doing so, RiskWorkers GmbH will support GardaWorld in expanding and combining existing and new client relationships in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Lichtenstein, with local […]

With advancing digitalization, there is an increased need for insurance coverage for cyber risks. The worsening situation is particularly noticeable due to new types of attacks (ransomware, CEO fraud, Internet of Things, botnet), an increased number of attacks on companies, but also due to increased activities on the legislative side, for example with additional legal […]