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Haus der Technik Adds RiskWorkers Training to its Program

Munich, April 15, 2021 - RiskWorkers GmbH, a leading security consultancy for risk and crisis management, is now conducting selected training on digital security in the company and protection while traveling abroad as part of the seminar offerings of the continuing education institute Haus der Technik (hdt). RiskWorkers' training offering includes web seminars and classroom training. On-site seminars are scheduled and will take place when the current situation allows.

Educational collaboration focuses on proper handling of social engineering risks and employee safety abroad

"We are pleased that we can now reach even more people with our social engineering and security abroad training and equip them with essential knowledge and valuable skills to protect themselves," explained Oliver Schneider, Managing Partner of RiskWorkers GmbH.
Stefan Koop, head of department at hdt, added: "The training offered by RiskWorkers is an excellent addition to our diverse program in the field of safety and health. We are thrilled that our participants benefit from the competent and professional training provided by Oliver Schneider and his team."

The RiskWorkers course program at hdt

Psychological traps - recognizing and fending off social engineering and spear phishing attacks

Hackers are not the only ones gaining access to our computers and data. There are security breaches that don't involve viruses or malware at all: Social Engineering. In this web seminar, Dr. Carsten Hesse from RiskWorkers presents current techniques and methods of social engineering and explains how potential targets, vulnerabilities and points of attack can be identified through Internet research. On the basis of concrete case studies, he illustrates attack methods and shows simple recommendations for action to defend against them.
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Virtual thieves, fake bosses and real blackmailers - social engineering awareness

Today, cyber-attacks and acts of fraud against companies are carefully orchestrated and implemented by internationally organized groups. Increasingly, employees are personally contacted and influenced in the attackers' interests. In this five-hour workshop, Dr. Carsten Hesse from RiskWorkers introduces the topic, gives an overview of social engineering and trains participants in concrete defenses against attacks.
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Travel security for employees - travel safely with the right preparation

In this web seminar on travel security, Oliver Schneider from RiskWorkers presents a breakdown of the entire travel process and discusses preventive measures for each phase. In the process, he presents real-life case studies that illustrate the risks. He demonstrates the correct behavior in the event of a robbery, theft or a police checkpoint, for example.
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Security training for business travelers and expats

With training on safety abroad, companies increase safety for business travelers and expats and fulfill their legal duty to inform and care. Manuel Hable of RiskWorkers provides comprehensive preparation for a business trip or expatriation in the eight-hour Travel Security workshop. He combines his practical experience and training with scientific methods and the latest findings from criminology and psychology.
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About Haus der Technik

The Haus der Technik (HDT), headquartered in Essen, is the oldest technical training institute in Germany. The HDT offers a wide variety of topics with more than 1,500 events annually. Event offerings include seminars, congresses and conferences on a wide range of topics, such as automation, digitalization, energy, infrastructure, management, mobility, production, mechanical engineering, environment and health. In addition, the HDT offers customized in-house seminars specifically designed to meet your needs. With the digital campus hdt+, HDT delivers directly applicable first-hand practical knowledge securely to your workplace or home office. Further information

About RiskWorkers

RiskWorkers is a leading security consultancy in Germany. The focus is on sound solutions in the field of risk management and crisis management. In doing so, the security experts combine the new with the tried and tested. They develop new security concepts and offer customized solutions in the areas of security abroad, security technology, personal protection and social engineering.