Der Wille entscheidet, Oliver Schneider

The Will Decides: Overcoming Crises – Winning Negotiations

Unsolvable? There is no such thing. Even from difficult and seemingly hopeless situations you can emerge as a winner! Oliver Schneider, former KSK officer and managing director of RiskWorkers GmbH, knows how we get out of crises: Psychological stability, sound preparation, strategic planning and the right tactics are the be-all and end-all – the principles of the KSK. Using some of his most spectacular missions, Oliver Schneider shows how anyone can develop their willpower and mental strength and deal with crises professionally for optimized decision-making ability, clarity and success.

Thrilling like a thriller, but real!

The book is published by Ariston by Penguin RandomHouse and available here.

Crises are part of life. No one knows that as well as Oliver Schneider. He has been working as a risk expert for over 20 years – first at KSK, and later in his own company specializing in crisis management. In this book, he shares his insider knowledge for the first time and gives us insights into real-life scenarios that we otherwise only know from crime novels or thrillers. The methods and tactics used by special forces can also be applied in our daily lives.

The author reveals effective tips and tricks and shows how we can analyze and learn to read our interlocutor in negotiation situations, improve our communication and negotiation strategy, and deal with threats and intimidation to achieve our goals.

Using a highly exciting kidnapping case and some of his most spectacular operations, Oliver Schneider also lets his readers look into the depths of the human soul. Knowing them is a prerequisite for winning people over, building trust and extricating oneself from crisis situations.

A book for all those who want to make their decisions quickly and purposefully and who are interested in the psychology of extreme stress situations!


“An authentic thriller with deep insights into the suffering and brutality of our world – and how to overcome crises.”
Axel Spilcker,

“The commodity human being has different prices.”
Klaus Boldt, Die Welt (April 19, 2021)

“My job is: to get the hostages back”.
A conversation about the value of human life and sweating in a minefield, Oliver Schneider interviewed by Joachim Käppner and Nakissa Salavati, and Süddeutsche Zeitung (May 14, 2021)

“The price of life can be a few thousand dollars, but it can also be several million”
A conversation about the value of a life, and Tages-Anzeiger (May 21, 2021)

“How much is a human life worth?”
Oliver Schneider in a talk with Thorsten Otto on the Blue Couch at Radio Bayern 1

“A crisis is an attack on everyday life: a new, unfamiliar condition for which one initially has no plan. […] One has no experience for this emergency to fall back on. And so a private, financial or professional crisis sometimes turns into a life crisis.”
Oliver Schneider in an interview with Wolfgang Heim, SWR1

“My job is to get the hostages back”.
Oliver Schneider in an interview with Volker Janitz, SWR3

“How do I master risks?”
Oliver Schneider in an interview with Danny Herzog-Braune, Paperwings podcast

“‘The Will Decides’ is a crisis guidebook in the guise of an adventure novel. The methods and tactics of the special forces are also applicable to our everyday lives.”
Sigismund von Dobschütz,

“Book author Schneider shows how we can analyze and learn to read our interlocutors in negotiation situations, improve our communication and negotiation strategies, and ultimately achieve our goals – even when intimidated or even threatened.”
Anne-Katrin Schwanitz, Expat News

“Schneider takes readers along on his mission … with the goal of reaching a ‘deal’ in the end … In the process, it is striking that the rules that apply in a life-and-death negotiation to save lives are similar to those that also play a role in, say, a salary negotiation …”
Living and working abroad Magazine


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