Personal Security

In today's world, personal protection is more than just providing armed bodyguards. We develop holistic protection concepts for you that meet your individual needs. We always act inconspicuously and focus on defense against potential threat scenarios, such as threats, cyber extortion, ransomware, or even financial fraud involving cryptocurrencies. Only if the personal threat situation and risk assessment lead to the conclusion that you need specially trained and equipped personal protection forces will we provide them - in Germany or abroad. Our primary goal is to protect you and your family in the physical and digital worlds.

For Your Security - Digital and Offline, Nationally and Abroad

Protective Intelligence

For early detection of risks, we rely on targeted screening of web and social media content. We use this technology and our analysts to search the full cyber world, social networks and similar media. Risk monitoring of this kind enables us, in a private context, to quickly and accurately determine whether individuals or their environment are exposed to security-specific hazards and thus risks. With Protective Intelligence, we can act quickly and, if necessary, initiate classic security measures. We bring personal protection into the 21st century.

360-degree Protection

For your all-round protection, we rely on innovative pre-intelligence, mobile protection measures and static security. Depending on the requirements and situation, we create the protection concept with the greatest possible effect. Using these measures, we protect public figures who, according to the threat prognosis, are exposed to risk, or people who are exposed to significant threats from others due to certain life circumstances. Together with our experienced colleagues, we tailor the exact package of measures that includes your greatest possible protection at the lowest possible cost.

Professional Team for Your Personal Protection

RiskWorkers GmbH fulfills the state requirement for the provision of personal protection measures. Professional personal protection training, weapons expertise testing according to §7 WaffG and personal protection-related training measures, a driving safety training lasting several days, conditioning, self-defense, and first aid knowledge are all part of the training of our personal protection officers. Most of our colleagues have learned their trade in federal security agencies such as the BKA (German Federal Bureau of Investigation), LKA (State Criminal Investigation Department), the military or federal police.

360-degree Personal Protection Concept

In addition to a high degree of professionalism, our unique selling point is the fact that we can identify and eliminate threats and risks in both physical and digital spaces. For this purpose, we use the latest technology to protect you and your family. Take a look at our idea for personal protection in the 21st century. Our 360-degree concept will convince you.