Security and Risk Management for Companies and Individuals

Projects, employees, and company reputation are at the center of corporate assets at risk, which must be protected with effective security and risk management. Our holistic approach to innovative security management ranges from overseas and cyber security, investigations, open source and darknet intelligence to security executive searches and background and applicant checks. Meet the challenges of our time with our modular service portfolio that prepares you professionally and efficiently for imminent threats and hidden risks.

Your Security is Our Mission

Security Abroad

We ensure your safety on business trips and for expats abroad - preventively and in emergency situations. To do this, we combine crisis prevention and crisis response to respond appropriately to emergencies at any time of day or night. Before the trip, we start with travel awareness and prepare your employees for potentially dangerous situations, including kidnapping. While in the destination country, our Emergency Operations Center provides rapid response to security issues, extortions, and medical incidents. On-site, our security advisors evaluate potential crises and prepare for any evacuation.

Investigation of Criminal Acts

Companies quickly find themselves the target of police investigations: as victims of criminal acts or as defendants through competition. The RiskWorkers team, in cooperation with the investigating authorities, will help you to fulfill your due diligence obligations towards investors, to contain financial damages and to preserve trust and image among banks, insurance companies, business partners and customers. According to the motto "discretion if possible - decisiveness if necessary" we investigate for you from the first suspicion to the complete clarification of the situation.

Open Source Intelligence

With automated monitoring of web and social media content, we identify your risks to protect your company and operational business. You get complete control over which specific platforms you search for which content. No matter the direction, we help you mitigate your risks with Corporate Risk Radar and Open Source Intelligence Software (OSINT). The application is web-based and easy to use, anytime, anywhere, without costly hardware or large investments.

Darknet Intelligence

The darknet has long outgrown its infancy. Criminals in the industrial and corporate sectors have also discovered the possibilities on the darknet and deep web. Important data is appearing on the darknet with increasing frequency, including confidential customer data and sensitive financial information from entrepreneurs, consumers and members of government. Cyber extortion is unfortunately on the rise. With Darknet Intelligence, we make that data visible and practice damage control within organizations.

Security Executive Search

Trust, social and professional competence, managerial quality and cultural match between candidate and employer - a security executive search has to reconcile many factors when filling important security key positions. If there is also a mutual appreciation, the executive search will hit the bullseye when it comes to the security position. In headhunting for top executives, we support you with our dense network of national and international contacts. With targeted direct approaches, we identify those candidates who possess the required qualities.

Background and Candidate Checks

Employees are a central factor that determines the success or failure of your company in global competition. The demands are constantly increasing: Professionally competent, motivated and with integrity are the qualifications sought. Pre-hire applicant checks and routine background checks protect your company from incalculable risks and damages resulting from white-collar crime or compliance violations. Our applicant and background checks provide the foundation for your appropriate staffing decisions.