Safety for Expats and Business Travelers Abroad

With training on safety abroad, you increase safety for business travelers and expats and fulfill your legal duty of information and care. Our strong interdisciplinary team of specialists imparts the extensive experience gained from RiskWorkers projects around the globe, so participants are optimally prepared for potential dangers at their destination.

Increasing Safety during Assignments Abroad

Recognizing and avoiding dangerous situations at an early stage is crucial for the safety of business travelers and expats abroad. When dangers cannot be avoided, considered action and a cool head are required. In order for employees to be able to do this, they should have already thought through corresponding situations and experienced them in simulation games. Employees who have learned and practiced correct behavior during travel security training gain valuable time in actual dangerous situations that they would otherwise have wasted searching for possible ways out. They can defuse situations in the most favorable way and thus protect life, health and assets.

Travel Security Training

Expatriate security measures are different from those for travelers who are only abroad for a short time. Our key is to tailor expatriate preparation specifically to your individual projects abroad. To do this, we draw on the cumulative knowledge of internationally experienced specialists. Among them are psychologists, political scientists, former executives from special units of the German Armed Forces and German security agencies, as well as risk, crisis and security managers. They all work together so that we can offer you customized travel security training.

Face-to-face Training

This training includes different formats, such as lectures, discussion sessions, workshops and practical exercises. Possible topics are:

  • Realistic assessment of dangers abroad
  • Travel preparations and travel security
  • Victimology, i.e. the victimization process and the perpetrator-victim relationship
  • Use of infrastructure in the destination country under security aspects
  • Behavior during criminal attacks
  • Perception training and training of safe behavior in selected situations such as:
    • Carjacking
    • Police check
    • Street robbery
    • Approach by strangers
    • Harassment
    • Behavior during robbery
    • On foot
  • Including: special modi operandi of perpetrators abroad
  • Security in the hotel

E-learning: Behavior during Hijacking

Are you interested in an online course? We will be happy to provide you with trial access. You can watch the learning video at your convenience and decide whether it is suitable for you and your employees. No obligation.