Innovative Pre-screening, Mobile Protection and Static Security

Our customers are public figures who, according to the threat prognosis, are at risk, or people who are exposed to significant threats from other people due to life circumstances. For your 360-degree protection, we create your individual protection program from innovative pre-intelligence, mobile protection measures and static security. With our experienced colleagues, we tailor the exact package of measures that includes your greatest possible protection at the lowest possible cost.

The Right Mix Makes the Difference

When we create your protection, we do not simply provide you with so-called bodyguards. We take an analytical approach and comprehensively assess your risk situation. Only after consultation with the customer, disclosure of our risk assessment and a thorough analysis of the status quo do we submit measures that are then tailored to you and your concerns. These can range from professional pre-reconnaissance, based on the BKA's (German Federal Bureau of Investigation) K-106 concept, to the provision of armored vehicles, the optimization of security technology and measures for direct personal protection.

360-degree Personal Protection Concept

In addition to a high degree of professionalism, our unique selling point is the fact that we can identify and eliminate threats and risks in both physical and digital spaces. For this purpose, we use the latest technology to protect you and your family. Take a look at our idea for personal protection in the 21st century. Our 360-degree concept will convince you.