Security Abroad - Preventive and in Emergency Situations

Can you ensure safety abroad for yourself as well as for your expats? RiskWorkers aims to provide security for your business trips and projects. Our goal is to combine crisis prevention and crisis response to respond appropriately to emergencies - at any time of the day or night.

Minimize Travel Risk

Icon Before Deployment

Before Deployment

We start with travel awareness, i.e. preparing your employees for potentially hazardous situations, devising concepts for hazard avoidance and establishing an on-site communications infrastructure. Our unique safety training for travelers plays a key role here.

Icon On-site


In the destination country, we set up a corporate hotline for you and your employees, where employees seeking help can quickly and reliably find a contact person. Based on the "one-call-does-it-all" principle, our emergency center provides rapid assistance in the event of security problems and medical incidents.

Icon In Case of Danger

In Case of Danger

Our security consultants evaluate existing crisis and evacuation plans and create options for evacuating your employees by sea, land or air. We organize suitable means of transportation and coordinate with German and international authorities for your safety abroad.

Security through Travel Risk Management

The creation of a strategy and a concept is the first step to ensure safety abroad even from a great distance. Travel Risk Management ensures the safety of travelers and expats. For companies, the assessment of security risks on site in political crisis areas or otherwise risky regions is difficult to calculate. However, you need to define this risk precisely, both legally and morally, in order to prepare your employees for local dangers in a manner appropriate to the circumstances. In order to realize this goal, RiskWorkers as a management consultancy supports you with a professional Travel Risk Management concept. This comes into effect both preventively and in acute emergency situations, in which we react quickly and appropriately to the local circumstances.

Business Traveler Assistance - worldwide assistance for business trips and assignments

Globally operating companies that send business travelers and expatriates abroad depend on competent assistance in emergencies. Expatriate safety, for example, is difficult to guarantee when traveling to crisis areas. At the same time, foregoing those trips for business reasons is not an option - and that is why RiskWorkers, a consultancy specializing in safety abroad, exists. Our Business Traveler Assistance program guarantees expat safety on the ground by providing valuable services that are just a phone call away, even in an emergency. Included are various measures to ensure the safety of business travelers - both preventively and in acute emergencies. In Germany, RiskWorkers thus offers a unique service that drastically improves safety abroad as a whole. Both business travelers and your company's expatriates are thus given security of action in all conceivable scenarios.

Evacuation Planning by RiskWorkers

In crisis areas it is impossible to assess the local political situation in the long term. In order to ensure the safety of your expatriates, RiskWorkers takes over the planning of the evacuation of your employees and thereby decisively improves expatriate safety. If the situation on the ground deteriorates so that expat safety is no longer assured, the evacuation plan automatically comes into effect. We then arrange for the evacuation, giving you the option to move people in danger out of the country. We carry out the planning and implementation of the plan together with you:

  • RiskWorkers evaluates any existing plan for evacuation.
  • This is followed by the preparation of evacuation options via sea, land and/or air.
  • All measures are taken in consultation with German and international authorities.
  • RiskWorkers takes over the organization of suitable aircraft.
  • The safety of business trips is improved by detailed evacuation planning.
  • Finally, RiskWorkers assists in the execution of each evacuation.

Trusting Partners

Trust starts with the partner. That is why RiskWorkers attaches great importance to the competence of security consultants. It is important to have confidence in security consultants and crisis management, so that you can keep a cool head and react in a considered manner in emergency situations. Trust in years of experience and the possibility of access to a worldwide security network play an essential role. Because only the interplay of experience, the right risk assessment and appropriate on-site measures will give you and your employees the security you need to perform your tasks. In close cooperation with various insurance companies, we have developed Business Traveler Assistance (BTA). With it, we offer you and your employees travel protection as well as emergency support on trips abroad and in risky regions.