Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

With automated monitoring of web and social media content, we identify your risks to protect your business and operations. You get complete control over which specific platforms you search for which content. No matter the direction, we help you mitigate your risks with Corporate Risk Radar and Open Source Intelligence Software (OSINT). The application is web-based and easy to use, anytime, anywhere - without costly hardware or large investments.

Digital Risk Identification

The combination of different methods in one application offers you the highest possible security. The open source intelligence software is 99.9 percent available to you as a web application. In case of failures, you can use our 24/7 available hotline, manned by a highly qualified, selected team. Also, no adaptation of existing IT processes is necessary. All data collected by the SaaS platform is stored in ISO 27000-certified data centers and is therefore legally compliant.

The text and analysis processes take place on both a linguistic and mathematical-statistical basis. The speech recognition recognizes and translates over 40 languages from all language regions. The application is also available on mobile devices and has an intuitive dashboard to show communication networks, identify opinion leaders and more.