On Behalf of Your Security.
Risk and Crisis Management is Our Expertise.

Your security is our mission. We manage and minimize crises and risks - for people and companies, at home and abroad, in real life and on the Internet. In doing so, you benefit from our many years of experience as special forces. In the RiskWorkers team, we combine our extensive expertise with digital solutions and our strong offline network to ensure your safety and protection globally.

Icon Security and Risk Management

Security and Risk Management

Security at home and abroad for your company and your employees is our mission. Our holistic approach to innovative security management keeps you safe from impending threats and hidden risks, professionally and efficiently.

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Crisis Management

Reacting quickly in an emergency is crucial. We provide comprehensive and competent advice and support for crisis prevention, crisis management and crisis response. So that you and your company are able to act in emergency situations at home and abroad.

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Personal Security

Personal protection acts like a radar around you and your family. In the physical and digital worlds, including the darknet and deep web, we detect risks early and protect you. Based on risk monitoring, we can quickly initiate security measures.

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Training & E-learning

Even professionals need practice. Our comprehensive program of security training courses ranges from agile leadership in uncertainty and workplace violence to training on security for business travelers in crisis regions.

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Security Management for Domestic, Abroad, and Cyber Risks

RiskWorkers provides your professional preparation for foreign risks, protection of corporate assets and defense against threats from the dark corners of the Internet. Our experienced team of specialists organizes your security management at home and abroad, optimizes your crisis management and enhances your digital risk management. Our security training courses teach your employees to recognize dangers at an early stage so they can avoid them. This allows you to successfully carry out your high-risk foreign assignments.


Effects of the Situation Deterioration in Afghanistan

The developments in Afghanistan could lead to further increased threats to foreign nationals in further countries and regions, such as Somalia, Irak, Mali, and Nigeria, among others, where there is already a security risk from terrorist and Islamist groups. We recommend companies and organizations to subject all ongoing projects to a renewed security audit. For future projects and assignments of employees, the situation development should be evaluated in detail and appropriate security measures should be initiated on site.

Haus der Technik Adds RiskWorkers Training to its Program

RiskWorkers GmbH is now conducting selected training courses on digital security in the company and protection when traveling abroad as part of the seminar offering of the Haus der Technik (hdt) further education institute. “We are pleased that we can now reach even more people with our trainings for social engineering and security abroad and equip them with essential knowledge and valuable skills for their protection,” explains Oliver Schneider.

The Will Decides: Overcoming Crises – Winning Negotiations

Unsolvable? There is no such thing. Even from difficult and seemingly hopeless situations you can emerge as a winner! Oliver Schneider, former KSK officer and managing director of RiskWorkers GmbH, knows how we get out of crises: Psychological stability, sound preparation, strategic planning and the right tactics are the be-all and end-all – the principles […]