Cyber Extortion

Threats from hackers and cyber criminals are constantly on the rise. Currently, cyber attacks and especially ransomware and phishing emails are among the biggest risks for companies. A cyber attack often catches companies unprepared. With our specialists at your side, you can react confidently and professionally to IT attacks from hackers, conduct ransomware negotiations effectively, and avert damage.

The Crisis Can Affect Everybody

If extortion by ransomware occurs in your company despite the best possible security structures, we are at your disposal with advice and support. With a broad network of specialists and consultants, we can support you in the areas of corporate communications, legal and IT forensics. Especially at the beginning of the crisis, it is important to act prudently and thoughtfully. Now every minute counts! Decisions can have irreversible consequences for you and your company.

Prepare Well and Act in the Best Way Possible

The actual ransom paid to the hackers - often cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin & Co. - is not the real cost driver in such a case. For high costs are often caused by the company's lack of preparation or non-existent preparation, which unnecessarily increases the extent of the damage, for example through production losses, claims for damages, contractual penalties, fines from authorities, etc. We organize the crisis team’s work for you, respond to the situation together with the IT forensic experts and other parties involved and work out a response strategy. We also manage ransom negotiations with the extortionists on your behalf.

Cyber Crisis Team Drills Prepare for Cyber Attacks

We are also happy to train your IT staff to deal with spyware, ransomware and logic bombs. We also manage ransom negotiations with the extortionists on your behalf.