First Aid in Remote Regions

European-style medical care is not available in every country in the world. When deployed abroad, the knowledge of first aiders and their ability to improvise often determines whether injured people escape with their lives. This is where we come in with our training for first aid in remote regions.

Realistic and Practice-oriented First Aid Training

In the training for first aid in remote regions, you will learn and practice measures for preclinical care when conventional rescue structures are unavailable or inaccessible. In this way, we equip all travelers to provide emergency care under difficult conditions. To make the training as realistic and practice-oriented as possible, we adapt the content and procedure to your specific needs. Only when first aiders are familiar with a situation can they quickly and instinctively initiate the correct, life-saving measures in an emergency. The training is designed for first aid abroad. However, the measures learned also help in the event of accidents at remote construction sites in Germany.

Face-to-face Training

In the first aid training you will learn, among other things:

  • Quickly assess the severity of wounds and injuries according to the MARCH-ON protocol
  • Initiate hemostatic measures under difficult conditions
  • Apply treatment for shock and preventative measures, including peripheral vein and intraosseous accesses
  • Clear and maintain airway and use nasopharyngeal and laryngeal tubes
  • Manage traumatologic injury patterns
  • Basic principles of wound care and dressing theory
  • Injury and wounding patterns
  • Handling of medical equipment
  • Qualified patient handover to paramedics