Your Safety is Our Mission

For us at RiskWorkers, values and standards are an essential factor in our dealings with employees, customers and partners and in achieving our corporate goals. We are aware of our responsibility and proactively help to shape it. To this end, we have developed a corporate philosophy in an internal process, which defines the basis for our joint actions. The people involved in management have many years of experience in safety, risk, and crisis management and impress with their academic education as well as their pragmatic problem-solving competence.


Oliver Schneider

Oliver Schneider is the founder and managing partner of RiskWorkers GmbH. He began his professional career as an officer in the German Armed Forces. Among other things, he served with the paratroopers before transferring to the Special Forces Command (KSK). Since 2001 he has been working as a consultant for security, risk and crisis management. He holds a Master of Science Degree (MSc) in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management from the University of Leicester (UK). He gained international experience as a risk consultant in Afghanistan, Algeria, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Colombia, Mexico, Pakistan and Russia (Caucasus). Oliver Schneider stands for security and management of risks and crises that have their origin in the analog or cyber world. The expert, keynote speaker and author motivates, informs and trains executives and responsible persons in lectures, seminars, public contributions and books such as "The Will Decides".

Manuel Hable

Manuel Hable is co-founder of RiskWorkers GmbH. He started his professional career in the Special Operations Division of the German Armed Forces as a paratrooper officer with a focus on evacuation operations. During this time, he participated in numerous foreign deployments and exercises worldwide. He completed his subsequent studies at the Philipps University of Marburg with a B.A. in Near and Middle East Studies. After this, Manuel Hable worked for a consulting firm as the responsible security manager of a mega project in Algeria. On site, he was able to further deepen his expertise in the field of security, risk and crisis management in the civilian sector. He is also a certified "Security Manager" by the European Business School and the German Federal Criminal Police Office and holds an M.A. in Security Management from the Berlin School of Economics and Law. As a response consultant, he has already worked on and successfully solved several kidnapping cases in Syria and Nigeria, among others. He gained further experience abroad in Afghanistan, Algeria, Brazil, Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon and Iran.

Prof. Dr. Dominik Hammer

Prof. Dr. Dominik Hammer is Professor for International Management at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. He began his professional career as an officer and staff officer in the mountain troops of the German Armed Forces, where he completed his training as a state-certified army mountain guide. He completed his training as a state-certified army mountain commander. He was involved in operations abroad as a company commander. After his time as a professional officer, he took over, among other things, the international investment management, then later the commercial and general management of the Indian subsidiary of a medium-sized group of steel and plant engineering companies. Since 2013, Dominik Hammer has also been the creator of his own mining school. His academic focus is (international) leadership research as well as strategic management, which he teaches at other higher educational institutions in various continuing education programs in Germany and abroad. He works for RiskWorkers GmbH as Academic Advisor and is responsible for the scientific content of the leadership training.

Dr. Carsten Hesse

Dr. Carsten Hesse holds a doctorate in psychology. At RiskWorkers he works as a specialist in the areas of psychological profiling and crisis management. He started his career as a crisis manager at a large German financial institution. While working for a renowned consulting firm in London, he was assigned to the Crisis Management department as a psychologist. Carsten Hesse advised companies in cases of kidnapping and extortion. Prior to joining RiskWorkers, he worked for several years as a project manager for a company specializing in the protection of exposed persons and company leaders in Germany and abroad. He also acts as a freelance lecturer on the psychological aspects of crisis management for the German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance. He has been working for RiskWorkers GmbH since April 2013.

Georg Hartmann

Georg Hartmann, former officer of the Special Forces Command (KSK) of the German Armed Forces, has more than two decades of operational and leadership experience. He has received the Scharnhorst Prize from the Army Officer School in Dresden, Germany, and other awards for high-risk missions. His expertise ranges from tactical to operational challenges, which he successfully mastered at the risk of his life in the KSK. In addition, he brings in his consulting experience, including crisis management consultations for German embassies and cooperation with non-governmental organizations in crisis and war zones. His international staff experience in leading special operations further rounds off his knowledge. In crisis situations, he is characterized by his clarity and stress resilience. Georg Hartmann works for RiskWorkers as a specialist in the areas of crisis management and negotiation in kidnapping, extortion, and cyber extortion.

Our Principles and Philosophy

  1. RiskWorkers as a name and brand represents working on and alongside our customers’ risks. We are more than just advisors. We offer assistance and support with putting measures into practice. We are not afraid to “wade in” when it comes to making our customers’ business opportunities a reality or limiting their risks and dangers.
  2. Green represents dawn, freshness, newness in the sector, security and freedom. We cut off dead wood, and are innovative.
  3. Our logo, the interrupted radar, represents our approach of tackling challenges as comprehensively, transparently and systemically as possible.
  4. Let us introduce ourselves! RiskWorkers Security Consulting makes no secret of the people involved. Our management has years of experience, and stands for competence, reliability and quality in terms of the services offered.
  5. For us, leadership primarily means setting a good example, showing commitment and taking responsibility. Furthermore, our employees always receive a share of our profits, and are offered investment options. This helps to retain staff and strengthens identification with the company.
  6. We act in line with our own compliance guidelines.