Bribery and corruption are prohibited by law in most countries, and are therefore subject to criminal liability. One example of bribery is the granting or acceptance of undue advantages for the purpose of influencing public officials (e.g. civil servants) or financial decision-makers for an individual's own economic benefit.

Our Statement of Compliance

A company that violates anti-corruption laws will have to reckon with fines, and perpetrators could risk imprisonment. Even an apparent violation of laws due to bribery and corruption can impact RiskWorkers GmbH’s reputation to an incalculable extent.

RiskWorkers GmbH requires all its employees around the globe to be aware of and compliant with laws against bribery and corruption.

  • It is forbidden to grant, offer or promise officials such as civil servants or public-sector employees payments, goods or other benefits, such as the provision of services, gifts or hospitality, with the aim of undertaking unlawful business transactions or unlawfully continuing transactions or for any other unlawful purpose or commercial advantage.
  • It is forbidden to make unlawful payments via third parties. As a result, RiskWorkers’ employees must exercise the necessary due diligence when selecting and monitoring contractors and business partners.
  • It is important to ensure that companies adhere to proper accounting practices and keep proper records of transactions. This ensures that all payments are accurately recorded and that the company’s capital is not used for unlawful purposes.

As a result, the following should not take place under any circumstances:

  • The offering or granting of any unauthorized payment, or the authorization of any undue payment (in cash or non-cash) to domestic or foreign officials or to people or bodies connected to them.
  • The failure to give notice of an undue payment.
  • Offering or accepting cash (or valuables), gifts, bribes or commissions in connection with the completion of transactions or the awarding of contracts.
  • Any attempt to persuade a domestic or foreign official to commit unlawful acts.
  • Any act that incites other persons to fail to comply with these rules or facilitates or enables such violations.
  • The bribery of officials such as civil servants or public-sector employees is a serious offence.

However, the bribery of decision-makers within the private sector is often just as unlawful, and is always a breach of RiskWorkers GmbH’s own standards for professional conduct. RiskWorkers GmbH hereby undertakes to comply with this code of conduct.

Signed, Oliver Schneider
Managing Partner