Crisis Response

Crisis Response is the immediate response to crises such as kidnapping, extortion, fraud or threats to corporate assets. If you are already in a crisis situation, every moment counts. Our experienced Crisis Response Team can advise you on the steps you need to take and support you in taking action at any place. In the event of an emergency, draw on RiskWorkers' many years of experience. In dealing professionally with crisis situations in the real and cyber world, we have been able to protect lives as well as the reputation and assets of companies in countless cases.

Every Second Counts

In the event of a crisis, we dispatch consultants to the crisis site to assess the circumstances, recommend negotiation strategies and establish connections with all parties involved. Supported by our intelligence gathering team of multilingual analysts, we gain an understanding of the likely motivations and expected tactics of kidnappers to ensure a client's crisis management team is 100 percent ready to act. We organize or take over the communication and ransom negotiation for best possible damage limitation. In the worst-case scenario, specially trained psychologists are on hand to provide victim rehabilitation and employee support after crisis situations. We give you back-up and support so you never have your back against the wall. RiskWorkers is your professional crisis management.

Safety Net in Critical Situations

Only those who find themselves in crisis situations again and again can recognize recurring patterns, anticipate situations and assess which strategy is best to handle a crisis. RiskWorkers has been able to build its vast expertise in countless cases, perfecting its approach in the process.

If you, your employees or your company get into a threatening situation due to piracy, illegal detention, kidnapping, terrorism or similar situations, our response team immediately sends appropriate consultants on site to assess the incidents and circumstances. Based on their professional assessments, we explain probable sequences of events, possible and advantageous negotiation strategies and alternatives for decision-making.

RiskWorkers Helpline +49 89 89 67 55 34

At Your Side in a Crisis

Our consultants are on call at any time to help our clients' crisis management teams take action. Support is provided by our intelligence gathering team of multilingual analysts who identify the tactics and motivations of criminals. Our international crisis response team helps you with:

  • Establishing the crisis organization
  • Revision and creation of crisis management manuals
  • Consulting and support in crisis situations
  • Crisis response in the event of extortion, from product to cyber extortion with ransomware, kidnapping or other emergencies worldwide
  • Support of employees after crisis situations by specially trained psychologists
  • Implementation of a crisis team and emergency exercises