Crisis Response für effektives Krisenmanagement

Innovation in Cyber Crisis Management: RiskWorkers and NCC Group Break New Ground

As digitization advances, the strategies of criminals targeting supposedly solvent companies are also becoming increasingly complex. Hybrid approaches by attackers are presenting more and more companies with major challenges. The worsening situation is particularly noticeable in the increased number of attacks on companies. Blackmail, e.g. product extortion in the food industry, is no longer carried out in the same way. The threat reaches the company via untraceable email; the extortion money is to be transferred to a virtual account using Bitcoins.

In this case, the crisis management of the affected company must react quickly. Offline and digital measures must be coordinated and work hand in hand. This is exactly where RiskWorkers GmbH and NCC Group GmbH come in.

Networked, Holistic Crisis Management as a Response to Hybrid Threats

“Cyber attacks are one of the biggest risks facing companies today. As a market leader in the field of IT security consulting and IT forensics, we are aware of the threat situation facing companies. It is widely recognized that mitigating these attacks and their consequences is not just about technical countermeasures, but a combination of situational crisis management, highly technical forensic analysis, and internal and external communications. But training and education of employees in advance also have a risk-reducing effect. That’s why it makes sense to cooperate with our colleagues at RiskWorkers GmbH, who can precisely map these ‘soft skills’ and provide experienced crisis response consultants in the event of an emergency,” said Eckhard Bogner, Regional Sales Manager Germany, NCC Group GmbH.

“It is a distinguishing feature of NCC Group GmbH that they have chosen this innovative approach with us. The previous crisis management models usually fell short and underestimated the hybrid nature of the new types of attacks. With this new approach, we help companies to be better prepared in a preventive way through targeted crisis management exercises and social engineering awareness training, minimizing risks significantly. The best crisis is the one that doesn’t happen in the first place. And if it does, we can quickly help companies by sending experienced crisis consultants, often supported by IT forensic experts from the NCC Group. In this way, we support our customers with a holistic approach to crisis management,” said Oliver Schneider, Managing Partner of RiskWorkers GmbH.

The mix of in-depth IT expertise, coupled with the use of experienced crisis response consultants, makes this combined, hybrid and holistic crisis management approach unique in the German market.