Staff training courses

Over the course of time we have seen that training courses for staff from the widest possible spectrum of departments and industrial sectors take on an increasingly important role. The term “training” is a general term encompassing all the processes which elicit a change in a person’s development.

The effects of training in people are produced by the processing of stimuli. These stimuli can originate in the person himself in the sense that, for instance, processes at the cognitive level represent a stimulus for changes at the physical and emotional level. Stimuli can also originate outside the person.

This is where we come in! Our training courses are different from others in that we meaningfully interlink theory and practice. Our trainers themselves have been trained in the methods they use and in public speaking; they are also subject to an internal quality management process. When linked to their lengthy experience, this mix presents you with a major advantage. We have made training courses relating to security one of our specialties. We offer the following training courses:

  • Security training for travellers and expats
  • First aid in remote regions
  • Dealing with workplace violence
  • Protection against espionage – awareness training, social engineering