Counter Stalking Consulting

Celebrities who are in the public eye sometimes experience the reverse side of fame. In the course of their fixation some admirers overstep acceptable limits. They persistently seek contact with and proximity to their idol as well as sending unwanted letters, emails and gifts by the score. This type of persistent following and fixation has become known as stalking. Stalking can develop into a threat if the situation moves in the wrong direction for the stalker, for instance if the stalker cannot or does not want to accept that his or her attention is unwanted or if the stalker’s worship is not returned by the idol. In such a case adoration quickly turns to the opposite: love letters rapidly become threatening letters.

This permanent stalking is a strain for the person at the receiving end, resulting in feelings of harassment, anxiety and insecurity. These feelings sometimes have the effect of restricting the person’s ability to function.

Riskworkers GmbH provides the following service for the long-term resolution of this problem:

  • Threat analysis and psychological profiling of the stalker

Using psychological methods a personality profile of the stalker is constructed from all the information available. One aspect of this is an investigation into the probability of the occurrence of real hazard scenarios. We then advise on strategies for hazard prevention based on the hazard analysis.

  • Meeting with the stalker

The stalker is confronted directly by Riskworkers GmbH staff in a solution-oriented, open dialogue. The consequences of the failure to comply with an injunction forbidding the stalker to approach or communicate with the victim are made clear to the stalker as are possible alternative forms of behaviour.

  • Threat control

If the threat level should seriously increase we suggest concrete steps to enhance the victim’s personal safety. These include awareness training and the establishment of personal protection measures suited to the circumstances.