Protective Intelligence

Riskworkers’ unique service is primarily composed of constructing and operating a permanent risk monitoring system. We watch the web, social media and other appropriate media 24/7. This enables us to identify whether any statements or references relating to the safety of your person or family are being made – rapidly, cost effectively and reliably. This alarm system puts us in the position of being able to act quickly and initiate any further protective measures which may be necessary.

Examples of the establishment of a “private radar“ tuned to your personal needs can be:

  • The preparation of a situation report (“sitrep“) of the virtual footprint of the person in question
  • Permanent surveillance of board members, managing directors, politicians or persons in the public eye
  • The identification of negative references to a person in a whole range of languages
  • Warning the client on detecting particularly important or negative sentiments and
    trends relating to the group of persons under surveillance
  • The identification of what are called “influencers“
  • Psychological threat management
  • Weekly or monthly summaries in report form


As well as this modern and innovative approach to the early detection of risks which is unique in Germany, we naturally also offer the entire conventional spectrum of private risk management which, in our case, normally takes the following form:

  • Definition of the status quo of the real and virtual situation of the person or family we are asked to assess
  • Initial VIP radar
  • Interviews
  • Analysis of the residential environment
  • Appraisal and assessment of the information we gather
  • Conclusion and action plan
  • Implementation support