Technichal Security Consulting

A house or apartment is broken into every four minutes in Germany. The police are already talking about a “burglar’s paradise”. Burglars feel most at home in Frankfurt. Official German criminal statistics issued by the police for 2016 tell us that the number of burglaries increased by 8.7% to 144,117. According to the report this is the highest level for eleven years.

As well as material loss and damage, psychological effects on the owners or occupants often accompany criminal entry into a person’s home. Persons affected by burglary often lose their feeling of security in their personal living space. Part of the quality of their life is lost as a result.

We will gladly provide you with comprehensive advice if you are looking for a security assessment of your home during renovations, moving or buying a new property. We will select the right precautions, products and installers. The advice will be independent, good value for money and customised to suit your individual requirements for protection.