Innovation instead of routine

In the past the areas surrounding the residences of members of company boards and private individuals subject to an elevated security risk were watched by wrongdoers so that they knew how they lived, their routines and their leisure activities. During the course of the attacks carried out by the “Rote Armee Fraktion” terrorist organisation in the 1970s and 1980s this approach led to what became known as the “K 106 concept” which meant that the area surrounding the residences etc of prominent people likely to be the subject of attempted abductions was under round the clock surveillance by police to detect if potential criminals were spying the area out. This concept was then adopted by private security firms. The particular disadvantage for the client is that this concept represents a major intrusion into his or her private sphere. It is also very time consuming and therefore very expensive.

But nowadays the potential abductor can use quite different methods to obtain sufficient information in advance of an attack. The Internet and the information it contains can be so comprehensive that a private individual, whether a board member of a major company, an owner of a family business, a politician or someone in the public eye are open to the potential risk on being spied on. In addition to the danger of virtual espionage, the risk of harm to a personal reputation is also immense. All too often “shit storms“ overwhelm people without them seeing danger coming and therefore being unable to adopt proper protective measures.

Once we have completed a risk assessment for you or your family, we take a further step with you – if that is what you want. We will then support you with technical and organisational measures relating to your personal security in line with your wishes.