Klüh Security and Riskworkers GmbH: cooperation to provide added value for clients

Düsseldorf/Munich (ots) – Starting immediately, Klüh Security GmbH and Riskworkers GmbH, the Munich-based security consultants, are working together so that they can comply even more closely with clients’ requirements for the provision of premium quality security and consultancy services. Klüh Security is a company of the Klüh Service Management GmbH Group, an international multiple service-provider for facility services (FM). Employing over 43,000 people and with branches in nine countries, Klüh is amongst the world’s leading FM providers. In 2013 the company achieved a turnover of EUR 658 million.

Riskworkers GmbH is a security consultancy company based in Munich specialising in the areas of intelligence, investigations and overseas security.

“Both service portfolios form an ideal complement to each other” explained Gunnar Rachner, General Manager of Klüh Security GmbH. “An increasing number of clients are looking for specialised services which until now were missing from our portfolio – for instance special training courses on such subjects as workplace violence, social engineering or the right way to behave in countries with high risk factors.”

Oliver Schneider, Managing Director of Riskworkers GmbH, “Customers want professional and specific solutions for their security problems in Germany and abroad. With a strong partner at our side – a partner which is among Germany’s best known security and facility management providers, we can fully meet these requirements.” New approaches in investigations, special training courses for company employees or support in crisis regions are among the special services offered by Riskworkers GmbH.

In this way the client has the advantage that he can describe all his requirements relating to security at home and abroad to a key account manager and the latter can offer the client all- embracing solutions. This holistic approach is unique in Germany and corresponds to the concept of service of the two companies which have concluded this cooperation agreement. Riskworkers GmbH also stands out from other companies in this sector by their special services which no other consultancy company can offer. In this context the field of cyber crime support including some very unique capabilities must be specifically mentioned here. “We are therefore at the cutting edge and can react professionally to new threats” stated Klüh Security Chief, Gunnar Rachner.

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Announcement of Riskworkers’ Training Courses in the ‘Business Travel’ supplement of Handelsblatt, 25.6.2014

Countries where security is a matter of concern will in future be visited even more frequently by business travellers and company representatives. These visits could vary from a quick trip lasting a single day to a posting (with family) lasting several years. Along with the duty to provide information and the fiduciary duty defined by law which constitute an obligatory duty for the employer to be completed in advance of the posting, there is also a specific duty of care in the event of such trips and postings More…

The BAUER Group in Schrobenhausen relies

on the security training courses for business travellers and expatriates

given by Riskworkers GmbH

Munich and Schrobenhausen, 24.3.2014,

“We look after our employees, not only financially and by providing insurance coverage, but also personally. It certainly makes a difference whether I am supervising a project in Germany or in central Africa. For that reason we train and provide instruction for our employees on security in foreign countries,” said Tobias Bayerstorfer of the Bauer Training Center GmbH (BTC).

“I’ve been everywhere in the world, in Africa, in the Arabian Peninsula and in South America, and nothing has ever happened to me.” This is often what is said by participants in the security training courses for business travellers from the BAUER Group in Schrobenhausen. But they still listened carefully to the observations and explanations of the Riskworkers GmbH trainer from Munich. Because it is often the little things which heighten the risk for business travellers overseas: taking the wrong highway exit, suddenly reaching into a jacket pocket, clicking on a camera shutter – in many parts of the world that’s how trouble starts. In the security training courses provided by Riskworkers GmbH the employees of the BAUER Group learned how to get out of tricky situations in one piece – or how to avoid getting into them.

It’s not that employees of the BAUER Group who were at the seminar on 24th March a little way north of Munich had never been to any high-risk area. But even for them there was a lot that was new. The seminar aims at developing an awareness of potential dangers before they arise and then creating strategies to deal with them, should they occur. Among them, for example, is not fiddling with your mobile or smart phone in the street, or wearing an expensive ring or gold watch to tell the world that there’s money to be had.

“Lower profile – longer life” is Schneider’s motto. Part of it is being aware of what’s going on around you before getting into a car. Or not being tempted to get out of the car when condoms filled with glue splatter the windshield – and so becoming a victim of carnappers. A favourite trick in South Africa.

The Crucial Mistake

“Anyone who is the victim of a hold-up and is completely unprepared is likely to panic and make a serious mistake,” says Schneider. You’re much better off sticking to a few basic rules, like putting your hands in the air, showing the palms of your hands, making no sudden movement, taking money out of your pockets slowly and only after saying you’re going to do so, then putting the money down on the ground in front of you. But such a dramatic turn of events is exceptional. For Tobias Bayerstorfer of the BTC, the chief aim of the training session is really to ensure that in their future overseas travel the course participants behave in a much more security-conscious way, without becoming paranoid, and that they observe their surroundings in order to recognise dangerous situations in advance and avoid them. The Riskworkers GmbH training course was certainly able to provide focussed, knowledgeable and realistic preparation for future stays overseas,” said Bayerstorfer.

April 2014: Interview in the Swiss online magazine 20Min.ch

Mr. Oliver Schneider talking about the best way for a hostage to behave in the event of abduction or express kidnapping. The complete article is available here:


January 2014: Focus Online

An article by Oliver Schneider on dangers and security measures when travelling in high-risk areas. The complete article is available here:


December 2013: WIK-Zeitschrift für Sicherheit der Wirtschaft (WIK Journal for Business Security)

Interview with Florian Peil on industrial and economic espionage. The complete article is available here.

In the same issue there is a reference to our report on applicant background checks. The article is available here.

13.11.2013:Focus Online: Today’s Spy is in the next office

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October 2013: WIK-Zeitschrift für Sicherheit der Wirtschaft (WIK Journal for Business Security):

A highly topical article on social engineering in WIK-Zeitschrift für Sicherheit der Wirtschaft (WIK Journal for Business Security) by Dr. Carsten Hesse, Senior Consultant of Riskworkers GmbH: http://www.wik.info/wik/index.html.

The complete article is available here…

17.10.2013: Press Release

Report on Applicant Background Checks: Fundamentals, Methods, Possibilities !


Munich, 17.10.2013 In a report on background checks Riskworkers GmbH, located in Munich, identifies the avenues available to businesses to verify the information provided by applicants – and also the limits to such actions. It describes a variety of methods and assesses their effectiveness, legality, cost and effort. New and innovative approaches are presented and evaluated. “In comparison with their colleagues in the US or the UK, Human Resources Departments in Germany have some catching up to do. New approaches such as systematic screening of social media and the web are not used, or if they are, then only in a very rudimentary way” says Florian Peil, the author of the report.

Value of Background Checks

Routine background checks reduce risks for companies. Risks of this nature are primarily caused by white collar crime and breaches of compliance guidelines. Checks are also able to reduce the risk of financial losses for a company as they provide meaningful support for HR diagnostic insights into applicants’ attitudes and motivation and can prevent the recruitment of unsuitable employees caused by negligence.

Employees are the most important factor determining a company’s success or failure. Therefore in times of increasing global competition the selection of the right staff is of ever- increasing importance for the financial success of companies. And the demands placed on staff also grow with mounting competition. They need to be not only professionally competent but also possess moral integrity. In the course of Germany’s transformation into a knowledge-based economy, staff increasingly become knowledge carriers and represent the real capital of a company. But at the same time the risk of possible harm to companies by the outflow of know-how and white collar crime also grows. Harm of this nature can be disastrous for companies whose very existence is dependent on the protection of their core know-how.

 Die Studie kann per Email an office@riskworkers.com angefordert werden.

September 2013: ADLAS Magazin für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik (ADLAS Journal for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy) 3/2013

Kidnapping, increased terror attacks, rising crime – these are the down-side of the Arab Spring. In future, resident diplomats and business people will need an early-warning system in order to be able to act appropriately in unsafe situations. Mathematics and algorithms can provide help: the watchword is Big Data.

The article begins on page 117. The whole issue is available via the link.

August 2013: Interview with Florian Peil

Businesses operating in high-risk areas need an early-warning system in order to be able to react to threats arising from terrorist attacks and political crises. But can political crises really be predicted by using Big Data?

In the programme “trackback” on Radio Fritz (6pm to 8pm) on 10th August, 2014 Florian Peil talked to Teresa Sickert about methods, risks and the chances of success when using Big Data as a forecasting tool. The podcast can be downloaded here.

July 2013: SPIEGEL Online

An article by Florian Peil on the possibilities of using Big Data analysis as a predictor of extreme events


July 2013: Zenith Online

Using the Arab Spring as an example, an interesting article by Florian Peil on the interpretation and use of ‘weak signals’ in the ocean of Big Data as a possible predictor.


3rd July, 2013: Süddeutsche Zeitung

Opinion piece by Florian Peil on what is currently happening inside Al Qaeda.


Published with the permission of the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

June 2013: WIK 3/2013

Report on Riskworkers GmbH on the website www.prosecurity.de. Click on the following link:


Juni 2013: WIK 3/2013

Guest commentary on the PRISM scandal by the Managing Director of Riskworkers GmbH in the journal WIK.

Click on the link to go to the article: WIK Kommentar Schneider


A reference to Riskworkers GmbH in the leading journal for risk managers working in the areas of banking and insurance

Click on the link: Info zu Riskworkers in RISIKO MANAGER 2013-11

14.5.2013 Press Release

Early detection of risks and threats: Security consulting uses internet screening:

Munich, 14th May, 2013
Whether a business leader in Germany is being targeted for kidnapping right outside his front door or attacks are being planned on a site in Algeria – the Internet is rarely being used for early detection of the dangers. As the first step in the security consultation process, the recently-formed company Riskworkers GmbH places its confidence in what is called Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) as the first stage in its security assessment. A software tool mines information from freely-available online sources and includes social media platforms such as Facebook, blogs and forums in over 40 languages. Industries which are particularly vulnerable to threats such as large food producers and retailers, insurance companies, corporate security departments or persons in the public eye and security agencies can benefit from their expertise. More..

3.5.2013, Article in Zenith on the Boston Bombings

The Boston bombings demonstrated that there is no such thing as a clear victory over terror. Attacks cannot be entirely prevented. Consequently we can only face terror with calm and resilience, says Florian Peil.