Security training for business travellers and expats

Countries where security is a matter of concern will in future be visited even more frequently by business travellers and company representatives. These visits could vary from a quick trip lasting a single day to a posting (with family) lasting several years. Along with the duty to provide information and the fiduciary duty defined by law which constitute an obligatory duty for the employer to be completed in advance of the posting, there is also a specific duty of care in the event of such trips and postings.

Our security awareness training is the right way to provide your employees with first class preparation for a posting or secondment and to comply with your duties as an employer.

Riskworkers are internationally recognised experts drawn from corporate security organisations, political scientists, former officers in German security agencies and Bundeswehr special forces as well as risk, crisis and security managers. The specific strengths and our experience abroad make it possible for us to offer you a customised service which is matched to the needs of your company processes, overseas projects and your staff.

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