Our Corporate Risk Radar provides you with a unique solution for the automatic monitoring of all user-defined web and social media content.

This is what Corporate Risk Radar offers you as a software solution:

  • A monitoring system for search, interactive analysis, statistical evaluation and visualisation
  • A dash-board interface
  • Identification of communication networks
  • Identification of opinion formers
  • Real time monitoring of social media channels such as forums and blogs with an automatic alert function
  • Text analysis procedures based on statistical and linguistic processes: language recognition (40 languages including Arabic, Russian and Chinese) as well as an automated translation function
  • An automatic report generator
  • The application can be used on all mobile terminals
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) or a licence solution without any adjustment or modification of
    existing IT processes
  • Data storage in ISO 27000 certified data centres
  • Connections to other systems are possible using a variety of interfaces
  • Web-based
  • Support by a highly qualified editorial team
  • 24/7 support hotline
  • 99.9 % availability


The following deployments (amongst others) are possible in the corporate sector:

Auditors, banks and insurance companies:

  • Claims management support
  • Search and intelligence investigations for major claims in the field of life, accident and
    transport insurance
  • Support in cases of credit fraud, embezzlement and other white collar crime

  • Early warning system for corporate security management
  • Surveillance of the company’s own projects and branches abroad, including in the local
  • Ebay monitoring for the identification of stolen goods
  • Development of a companyGspecific alert system
  • In-depth research into countries and regions (statistics, sentiments, context analyses etc.)
  • The search for persons and their “virtual footprint‘” in the web. In the course of these searches negative references, threats, abuse and other negative drivers can be found in exactly the same way as family connections, addresses, email accounts etc.
  • Support in investigations into people, lobby groups or companies
  • Background checks on people
  • Due diligence support
  • On-going monitoring and provision of alerts about topics, people, groups and companies
  • Surveillance of company events such as AGMs or customer events for the early identification
    of disruptive persons


Corporate Communications, Business Development and Human Resources:

  • Background checks on suppliers, customers, partners and during M&As
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Product and development surveillance
  • Surveillance of sentiments and trends within the company and product environment
  • Surveillance of the company’s own products or brands for purposes of sentiment and
    reputation analysis
  • Competitor surveillance
  • Pre-employment screening