Investigative due diligence

Risks when making investment, including mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and venture capital activities, are greater than ever before.

The time needed for preparation and execution is becoming longer and longer. Investigations into the various areas are more complicated than ever as they must generally be undertaken in an international environment. In addition to the classic areas such as the appraisal of the financial situation, the market position of the company or companies involved, environmental pollution issues and legal questions, other information is also becoming increasingly important for a successful investment.

Who are the persons really pulling the strings? What reputational risk could there be for the investor? Can criminal structures be detected? Does the company under investigation have a “clean” environment? Are there any indications in government or local data-bases which constitute a sustained risk for the investor?

The Riskworkers investigative due diligence approach uses access to special data-bases, open source intelligence and an international network of domestic and foreign sources to improve the prospects of success for your investment by the exposure of possible risks.

In the international area Riskworkers GmbH provide you with comprehensive background information on:

  • People and companies
  • Litigation or criminal activity
  • Debts and liabilities
  • CountryGspecific and political relationships


Case Study I:

A German company involved in mechanical engineering and the construction of industrial plant and equipment is looking to make a financial investment in an Arab country. Its objective is to develop its local business by means of a joint venture. Riskworkers GmbH was retained to investigate the persons involved from the point of view of any reputational risks. Have there been any criminal proceedings involving the relevant persons? Do the documents presented correspond to reality?

Case Study II:

An agribusiness company is interested in an involvement in West Africa. The intention is to take over large buildings and a large area of cultivatable land from a real estate company based in the country. Is the information presented about the ownership structure correct? Who is really behind the real estate company? What was on the land before its current use?