We provide support during investigations when companies have become the victim of criminality. This helps companies, banks and insurance companies contain the financial costs as well as the loss of trust and damage to their reputation often caused by white collar crime or the infringement of the duty of care. It is precisely at times when corruption, theft, breaches of trust or embezzlement are revealed that rapid but level-headed action preserves the confidence of business partners and establishes cooperative collaboration with the investigative authorities.

If companies have initial suspicions of a crime or if they receive anonymous tip-offs about fraudulent activity we will undertake the investigation with discretion but also determination. Speed and discretion are a matter of course for us during an investigation. The forensic investigative approach of Riskworkers combined with our skills in open source and social media intelligence takes the weight off management’s shoulders when investigations are necessary.

Our services at a glance:

  • Expert investigations and advice if criminal activity such as corruption, theft, breaches of trust and/or embezzlement is suspected
  • Definition of responsibilities
  • Enquiries about companies and people (corporate intelligence services)
  • Investigations into insurance and credit fraud
  • Preparation of accounts of the facts of a case suitable for presentation to a court as evidence
  • The quantification of loss and/or damage
  • Reports as independent expert witnesses