P2P Monitoring – 24/7/365

Global peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing networks are no longer just about sharing music, films and software. Sadly these networks are increasingly used to disseminate confidential and sensitive government, corporate and consumer documents. Employees, suppliers, contractors, representatives, partners and customers unintentionally disseminate billions of such documents every year via global P2P networks – and the trend is upwards. Once the documents have been posted on line they are freely available to everyone who uses one of the 3,000 free public P2P file-sharing networks where they can be accessed at any time by identity thieves, cyber criminals, terrorists, competitors, the media and other persons. At this point it should be emphasised that file-sharing networks are not part of the World Wide Web. These networks are completely separate, Internet-based networks with quite distinct search processes, files and users. P2P networks are extremely large. With over 3 billion searches per day, even more users are looking for information in P2P networks than in the World Wide Web. About 750 million users spread across the world own file-sharing applications and Internet service providers state that up to 70 % of Internet traffic is generated purely by P2P networks. We employ special P2P technology and forensic P2P methods to provide our clients with a monitoring service of file disclosures in P2P networks. This is how we support our activities regarding information security and protection in connection with P2P networks and the associated risks.