Riskworkers GmbH compliance statement

In most countries bribery and corruption are prohibited by law and therefore a criminal offence. Bribery is, for example, the grant or acceptance of an unlawful advantage for the purpose of influencing office holders (e.g. government officials) or decision makers in the private sector for personal gain.

An infringement of anti-corruption legislation is therefore a criminal offence and, in the case of a company, is punishable by a fine; in the case of a person it is punishable by imprisonment. Even what is only an apparent breach of laws against bribery and corruption can cause incalculable damage to the reputation of Riskworkers GmbH.

Riskworkers GmbH therefore places all staff, wherever they may be in the world, under an obligation of the observance of and compliance with laws against bribery and corruption.

• The offering, provision or promise of payments, valuables or other advantages such as the performance of services or the provision of gifts and hospitality to public officials for the purpose of the conclusion of business by unlawful means or for the unlawful extension of business or for any other unlawful purpose or business advantage is forbidden.

• The making of unlawful payments via third parties is prohibited. Riskworkers’ employees must therefore exercise due care in the selection and monitoring of contractors and business partners. Contractors must be required to guarantee that they keep proper books of account and maintain proper records of business transactions such that all payments are truthfully recorded and that the company’s assets are not used for unlawful purposes.

This means that the following actions are prohibited under all circumstances:

• The offer or gift of an unapproved payment or the approval of an unlawful payment (in cash or in kind) to a German or foreign office holder or a person or office(s) associated with or linked to a German or foreign office holder
• The failure to report indications of unlawful payments
• The offer or acceptance of pecuniary payments (or valuables), gifts, bribes or commissions in the context of the conclusion of business or the award of contracts
• Any attempt to induce a German or foreign office holder to commit unlawful acts
• Any action which incites another person or persons to the non-observance of these rules or which facilitates such infringements or makes them possible.
• The bribing of office holders such as public officials is a serious unlawful act; the bribery of decision makers in the private sector is also often unlawful and always in breach of the Riskworkers GmbH standards of professional behaviour.

Riskworkers GmbH hereby undertakes to comply with this code of conduct.

Oliver Schneider
Managing Director