Company philosophy

Values and norms are a truly important factor when dealing with staff, clients and partners as well as when seeking to achieve our corporate goals. We are aware of the responsibility we bear and actively shape this responsibility. We have therefore used an internal process to develop a company philosophy which defines all our efforts and actions. We would like to share these principles with you below:

1. The Riskworkers name and brand stands for first assessing and then reducing our clients’ risks. We are more than consultants in this work. We provide assistance and support in the implementation of actions and activities. We “roll our sleeves up” when the protection of our clients’ business opportunities are at stake or when hazards and risks must be limited.

2. The colour green in our logo stands for a new beginning, something original or new in the security. We discard old habits and are innovative.

3. The logo, the intermittent radar trace, stands for our claim that we accept challenges in as wide a scope and as transparently and systematically as possible.

4. We show ourselves! We do not make a secret of the people working for us. With our extensive experience we stand for competence, reliability and the quality of the services we offer.

5. In our company, leadership means impressing by example and commitment and the acceptance of responsibility – before all else. We also always share our profits with our staff and offer share purchase options. The purpose of this is staff retention and to assist in identification with the company.

6. We act in accordance with our own compliance guidelines.