Riskworkers GmbH has an excellent global network which enables us to offer our clients the security management services they require anywhere in the world and to ensure that their wishes are fully met on the ground. Whether they require the secure extraction of their staff from Nigeria, a security assessment in Algeria or personal protection in Iraq, we will undertake this work for them. When doing so we attach the greatest possible importance to personal contacts and compliance with the quality standards we define. We have contacts and support consultants in the field of preventive security management and crisis reaction in the following countries and regions, amongst others:

 Globales Netzwerk

  • Europe
  • The USA and Canada
  • Latin America (including in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela)
  • Africa including in the Maghreb, Nigeria and South Africa)
  • The Arab world (including Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia)
  • Asia (including China, India and Japan)