Innovation in security and risk management

Our team benefits from very many years of experience in security, risk and crisis management. At the same time we recognise that nowadays it is scarcely possible to separate virtual and real risks. This is why we have decided to bring together these two spheres of risk which were previously separated – and recent events have shown how right we were! Social media, blogs, forums and other forms of the World Wide Web exercise an increasing influence on our lives – just as current and future socio- economic developments will also impact on the security of companies and private individuals. Whether the Boston bombing or the Arab Spring, after the event it is always possible to find traces of these events in the web. However, what we want to do is to identify trends and clues in advance and make them visible. Thus, with this approach in combination with our specific knowledge and lengthy experience of security management, we offer our clients sustainable added-value. Enjoy browsing in our site!